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09:15:46 AM Apr 12th 2016

Let's replay the scene, shall we? Wanda, with her memory restored, wants to undo her older spell and restore the powers of all mutants. But she can't do it alone (she did it while mastering a special power that she's not mastering anymore), and needs the help of Dr. Doom. She knows that Doom can not be trusted and may attempt to betray her, so she asked Wiccan for help. Both of them would make sure that Doom does not try anything funny. But things got out of control when Patriot attacked them, and Doom got the distraction he needed to make his move.

That was not "idiot", at least not on Wanda's part (it may be for Patriot). She had a good motivation to take the risk (restore the mutant's powers), and took precautions to prevent it. A "what an idiot" action would be doing something incredibly dangerous with a complete disregard for precautions and/or for an incredibly petty reason. Like the case of that guy that trespassed into the testing grounds of a Gamma radiation bomb, because his friends had dared him.

Besides, it may be an audience reaction, but it is not written like an audience reaction. It is indeed written like a Flame Bait.

Also, note that the What an Idiot! entries follow a format: describe the background, "You'd Expect" reaction (what the character should have done) and "Instead" reaction (what the character does in the story). What would you write in the "You'd expect" part? "Wanda realizes that teaming up with Dr. Doom was too dangerous, and refuses to help the mutants"?
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