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12:15:58 AM Aug 14th 2014
Okay, what's happened to the YMMV page? Twice in two days the YMMV page has appeared to have been completely rebooted and all of its data lost. What is the deal?

03:59:58 AM Aug 14th 2014
Creators can't have YMMV pages. See the Ruleof Cautious Editing Judgement.
07:42:08 AM Aug 14th 2014
That's ridiculous.
10:25:02 AM Aug 14th 2014
A lot of YMMV pages for creators degenerated into creator bashing, hence the discouragement on Creator Page Guidelines. Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment is a related policy, but not the only one important here.
11:36:46 AM Aug 14th 2014
And what about all the creator pages that have perfectly valid tropes tagged as YMMV applicable to them?
12:13:09 PM Aug 14th 2014
We don't trope creators, so that would be wrong for a different reason.
12:23:14 PM Aug 14th 2014
.....that happens all over the place.
12:56:42 PM Aug 14th 2014
Shamelessly stealing from rodneyAnonymous: ""The other thing is also bad" is not an argument in favour of the first". We are in the process of cleaning these tropes out.

Also, I'll note that the current page content has nothing to do with works.
01:08:39 PM Aug 14th 2014
Fair enough
09:42:00 PM Aug 16th 2014
edited by
Yes, any YMMV items relating to a creator should go on their respective work's YMMV page.

What's currently on here should be cut and put on either the Mork & Mindy or Superman page, if not cut entirely.
05:45:37 AM Aug 12th 2014
24 hours has not passed since the announcement, and at this point Robin-related trending topics aren't all the top hashtags anymore. So, can we remove the twitter bullet for being inaccurate?

(For reference, it is 08:44 where I am posting from.)
06:17:16 PM Aug 11th 2014
R.I.P. Robin Williams
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