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10:17:31 PM Jun 13th 2014
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As Unfortunate Implications Ive put these here in case someone wants to readd them with the proper formatting.

  • Unfortunate Implications: Bunnies in Australia are often used as a symbol of the evils of Imperialism, so the Easter Bunny being based off white Australians like Crocodile Dundee has caused controversy.
    • Not only that, but there have been movements to remove bunnies from Easter in Australia, replacing them with the native Bilby, as rabbits are known as pests and have a negative impact on the Australian ecosystem.
      • The poor Easter Bunny is full of these. It's pretty understandable for Christianity not to be mentioned too explicitly in a mainstream kids' movie...The closest are the "t" in the "EASTER EGG HUNt" sign, which is clearly a cross, and Bunny mentioning that Easter is about "new life" and "hope"... but why does he live in a Buddhist garden?
      • The eastern bunny is the one thing about easter that is indisputably pagan; see Eostre for more information. Ten thousand new cans of worms and Unfortunate Implications are opened because of said paragraph above.
    • Tooth's base is in Asia, as is her past according to background information, so why is she white? This was also a source of Internet Backdraft before the film came out.

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