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02:09:41 PM Oct 18th 2012
edited by InsanityPrelude
I hate to be one of those stuffy tropers, and I'm pretty disgusted with violentacrez and the Reddit admins myself, but the amount of page space dedicated to the jailbait/creepshots/violentacrez debacle seems kind of disproportionate. Pulled and replaced with a shorter version:

  • r/jailbait, and any related subreddits. This got worse when Something Awful investigated, and found the following details:
    • violentacrez, the person who created these subreddits and a known pedophile/child porn distributor, was friends with many of the higher ups.
    • The mods knew full well that these subreddits were distributing child porn, but did nothing about it because it was against free speech.
    • The threads complaining about these subreddits were swiftly removed.
    • The servers were run by Amazon, which specifically stated in their rules that it was against the rules to post offensive content.
    • Eventually, the subreddits were deleted and it was made a rule not to post CP, but the fact that they had to be pressured into doing it rather than deleting it on the horrible content alone is questionable at best, and despicable at worst.
    • Deja vu when US national news reported a substitute teacher fired for posting upskirt shots of his students on r/creepshots.
  • Gawker media. A number of subreddits have banned links to Gawker sites after violentacrez deleted his account when Adrian Chen wrote an expose of him exposing his real identity. Many have pointed out that this will hurt him in real life. Michael Brutsch, the man behind Violentacrez, was fired from his job almost immediately after the article hit the Web.

Changed "doxxing and departure" to just "doxxing" btw, because violentacrez has apparently been posting as mbrutsch too? I'm not the best to ask, I tend to stick to r/nocontext and some of the fandom subreddits.
11:05:15 PM Aug 15th 2012
edited by InsanityPrelude
Speaking of Memetic Mutation, I see "banned from r/Pyongyang" fairly often but I'm not sure how that one got started. Is it a meme?

Edit: Never mind, looked it up, found my answer.
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