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02:53:20 PM Jul 11th 2012
The "But It Really Happened" trope associated with Lobdell's anecdote about a stewardess acting IRL like the stewardess (Isabel) in issue #2... isn't that a nasty, nasty trope for that example? It really doesn't seem to apply!
04:50:33 AM Jul 7th 2012
Starfire's Spine, the thing is Marv(the original creator) and Lobdell(guy writing all the new 52 stuff involving star) have both said the Tamaranean people are evolved from something similar to felines. It is a known fact that felines are more flexible then primates due to their bone and muscle structure. Now even if that became a humanoid species like us, their bodies would develop in ways to accommodate that change. However, there's no reason that they'd suddenly grow less flexible. With that said Starfire should be able to bend like she did in Red hood #1 due to her Bizarre Alien Biology. At least I think so, what do you think?
02:35:43 PM Jul 7th 2012
edited by Katsuhagi
It's still Fetish Retardant, since even if you take that into account humans are not supposed to look like that, so it still falls into Uncanny Valley. Also, you were nattering on a YMMV page, so that's why it got cut, and it's really a stretch (no pun intended) since cat ancestors or no, they're still supposed to more or less look like real people.
10:07:24 PM Jul 10th 2012
edited by Greylynx2
You just said it yourself "look like"... their biology has them absorb some kinda UV radiation/energy through skin, as well as shoot out the energy in "star bolts". Not to mention the Orange skin, Green eyes, (usually) vibrant natural red hair and they have memories like a cat (Memories based on sensory experiences). I'm not talking about nattering, but discussion of possible BAB as what her body is doing in #1. As even if she looks like she's human, (we've seen plenty of examples) she could pull some freaky shit based on her biology that we haven't explored(as it's sublty different) in new 52.
10:34:16 PM Jul 10th 2012
Doesn't matter. It's still Fetish Retardant and this is still a YMMV page, and you're just trying to put in a justification for it that does not belong.
01:56:40 PM Nov 1st 2011
edited by Katsuhagi
I took Misblamed off because it's the wrong trope for that reaction. And the issue's not that she's having casual sex, it's that she's acting completely out of character. Fans actually liked seeing her hook up with Captain Comet, in part since her past relationships were actually acknowledged and she said that that particular relationship with Comet was more about physical attraction rather than totally dismissing love as being a part of it as she did in this new book. Just check the comments on this post if you don't believe me.
02:39:13 PM Dec 6th 2011
edited by Greylynx
And to that I say:New 52 It was meant to be a full on reboot and in all 3 books Scott writes it so in many ways Red Hood and the Outlaws dose this, changing Red Hoods background as how he was trained and his motivations. How things happened with Roy and Ollie and on top of all that to the point he never had Lian and lost his arm and started stealing from Q-Core. Changing Tamaran background as to make their race more feline (As Feline's perceive experiences differ from Apes). Thus, she'd have a different view of humans then we perceive each other leading to her character change. not to mention the fact felines have mutliple sexual partners and don't seem to care for them emotionally. Another example of this is the Elcor and Hanar from the Mass Effect universe, who perceive themselves through scent and slow careful movement for the Elcor and bio-luminescence for the Hanar respectively and kinda projects into their way they interact with humans as the Elcor then take slow carefully planned routes in their discussion. This New 52 was to be about rebooting the whole universe and changing the characters.Alot of DC backpedaled HARD on this as beside integration of wild storm characters the universe is basically the same with notable exceptions(this comic).

Basically, she's not acting out of character, as this is a new starfire basically, think of her as the "ultimate" universe starfire. Much like the ultimate Hank Pym beat the living hell out of Jan unlike 616 Hank Pym when he just hit her once and partly not meaning ot.
08:34:53 PM Dec 20th 2011
Eh. It's Starfire. She spent most of 52 topless, largely being there just to tempt Animal Man. She was a nudist macking on a little boy in Titans. She was created so George Perez could draw a girl in a skimpy costume. This isn't new material for her.
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