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08:20:39 AM Apr 12th 2015
edited by Wyldchyld
The Base Breaker entry is insanely long. I've tried to cut it down as much as I can without removing the point of what's splitting fans. Any suggestions would be great:

Base Breaker
  • The trailers showcased each member of RWBY except for the Black Trailer, where Blake shared the spotlight with Adam, and at one point was saved by him. The fandom was split between viewing the Black Trailer as an intriguing plot set-up or Adam stealing Blake's thunder before the show had even started.
  • Ruby is either viewed as a character who is learning and growing into her role as a future leader of note, or as someone who is being portrayed as too inexperienced and childish to carry the show as leader. There is also disagreement about whether her lack of screentime due to the size of the cast further harms her portrayal as leader.
  • Jaune is a lovable loser with an instinct for strategy and leadership whose story arc dealt with his lack of combat experience, how he's being bullied by Team CRDN, and how to deal with women. The fandom disagrees on whether he's an audience surrogate for introducing the world who is working hard to gain real skill in combat, leadership and socialising, or a hypocrite who needs to take his own advice about women, and who is a Butt Monkey wasting screentime that could be spent on more useful characters.
  • Penny was either an intriguing character with cool combat skills and a lovably quirky personality, or yet another new character hijacking the finale that could instead have been spent be spent on giving the main characters a chance to shine.
  • The Volume 2 finale introduces Team CFVY's fighting abilities which a lot of fans had anticipated and loved. However, it also reduced main character screen time and shifted focus away from the plot build-up in previous episodes. Fans are split between enjoying the introduction of CFVY and their abilities or criticising the loss of plot momentum and the lack of threat tension due to rushed animation as a result of the staff's very tight scheduling. Coco in particular is either praised or criticised for her overpowered destruction of the Grimm threat Team RWBY couldn't handle by themselves.
02:25:06 PM Apr 12th 2015
Removed the Jessica Nigri comment based on feedback from the forum thread.
05:19:51 PM Feb 3rd 2015
edited by Wyldchyld
Harsher in Hindsight
  • The criticisms of the Season 2 finale's animation, now that it's the last thing Monty Oum completed before his untimely death.
    • Some of the songs are also harder to hear after Monty's death. Most poignantly, This Will Be the Day, Time To Say Goodbye, and Wings.
"This world's unforgiving, even brilliant lights will cease to burn..."

I have removed this to here. The comment about criticism of the final episode isn't this trope because it's talking about the impact on an audience reaction, not an in-universe event. I'm not sure about leaving the song reference, however. Any thoughts on how best to handle this?
04:45:28 PM Feb 25th 2015
edited by AnotherDuck
The ending note on on "Funny Aneurysm" Moment is: "since all actors and creators are mortal, if someone mentions death or plays a character who dies, and then die themselves, that's not a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment unless there's some connection to the circumstances of the death." While it's a different trope, they're similar enough that that still applies. I've as such removed the example. The issue has also been raised in the RWBY forum thread.
02:34:47 PM Sep 13th 2014
I just noticed that people are filling the Arc Fatigue section with nothing but Jaune.

We might have to rename that section Jaune Arc Fatigue.
08:25:52 PM Jan 7th 2014
Can someone explain where the name "Pollination" come from and how it describe an OT 4? :/
08:54:08 PM Jan 7th 2014
Pollination = Bumblebee + White Rose.

Bees pollinate flowers, so pollination is a process that involves both bees and roses. I've... never heard the term before and it does kinda reek of a troper getting too clever but to be perfectly frank I don't have my ear to the ground on this fandom.
06:26:16 PM Jan 10th 2014
Ah, I see. Clever name :D
08:34:11 AM Nov 7th 2013
Pulled this before it got into an edit war:

  • Unfortunate Implications: The Faunus, the Token Minority group of the story, have recently begun to have a greater presence in the narrative. Their main outstanding feature is their being half-human and half-animal...but the only animals seen so far are the Grimm, pitch black demon-like creatures that are usually killed on sight. So, this raises a question of where the hybrid species came from.

Personally, I'm not certain what the Implications here are. Is it an implication of... bestiality? Except I never got the idea that Faunuses (fauni?) were Half-Human Hybrids in the sense they had a human parent and an animal parent, so much as just a separate species that's a Little Bit Beastly.
09:39:14 AM Nov 7th 2013
edited by
But how do you get that seperate species, especially with so many variants? Pretty much all examples of Little Bit Beastly are either a biological experiment or demons. The Grimm are the closest thing to demons we've got and we've yet to establish whether or not this world even has regular animals or the technology to bond animal and human DNA, let alone create an entire species for whatever reason.

So, it doesn't directly point to bestiality, and I hope I'm wrong, but right now it is an Unfortunate Implication.
10:08:51 AM Nov 7th 2013
That's meeting the implication more than halfway, I think. You're assuming (for some reason) the only reason that that a Little Bit Beastly are because of cross-breeding, rather than the idea that they're just, you know, a species (which is how they've been shown so far). And then you're assuming that the cross breeding must be with the Grimm even though we haven't seen any cat, monkey, or rabbit Grimm (let alone that they'd be compatible with human DNA). Not to mention, it's explicitly a fantastic setting. Any number of Aura or Dust-based explanations could exist.
01:50:47 PM Nov 7th 2013
...I'm not crazy. YOU'RE crazy! AHAHAHAHAHA

  • crashes through glass window and runs off cackling into the night*
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