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03:46:44 PM Feb 4th 2013
edited by NinjaDragon
Why is this page full of spoiler marks? In the Homestuck page, there is a warning that all spoilers are left unmarked because Homestuck is freely available on the internet.

The same can be said about Problem Sleuth. With the added fact that Problem Sleuth was finished almost 4 years ago. I think all spoilers should be left unmarked.
06:42:53 PM Feb 5th 2013
The reason Homestuck is left unmarked is that, even when split, the pages are JUST SO MASSIVE that the sheer amount of spoiler tags ended up actually crashing it. Homestuck spoilers that are on Trope pages are still marked as spoilers, we just can't have any on the actual main/subpages. Problem Sleuth, being much less popular, has small enough pages that too many spoilers simply aren't a problem.

Also, the former's rather crazy update schedule and length mean that some spoilers are debatable, or only spoilers for some time. A new reader, still on Act One or Two, will need pretty much EVERYTHING tagged if they are to read in peace. Every other update brings some important information that people would want tagged, but once the novelty wears off and it becomes old news in other parts of the Internet they won't need the tags anymore. The fact that Problem Sleuth finished ages ago actually means that things that are spoilers will stay spoilers, no matter if you read it right now or in several years. Homestuck is nearing its end, but who knows how many twists have yet to come?

So basically, the reasoning behind the Homestuck page being spoiler-free goes way beyond "Oh, it's available to read for anyone, so you should just go read it first!". That's just another justification. The main reason is, you know, not wanting to crash the servers every few updates. TV Tropes still encourages spoiler tags where ever possible - so while we'd like to be able to include them there as well, we simply can't. Problem Sleuth doesn't have any problems with spoiler tags, so we will continue using them where appropriate.

I hope I cleared that little misunderstanding up. Keep troping and stay groovy!
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