YMMV Pokemon Ruby And Sapphire Discussion

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11:07:20 AM Dec 26th 2014
Hey guys, someone found a base that intentionally blockades the flag, which is a completely pointless thing to do unless you're a dick. What trope fits that? You can still delete the base off your game, but still... That's not cool.
10:00:00 PM Jul 4th 2012
One thing that really bothered me in the YMMV section was that Chimecho was next to useless. For me, it played a crucial element in capturing Groudon, and its moves (confusion, etc) are actually pretty good. Just saying.
01:30:09 PM Feb 4th 2015
I honestly think it's not that good. To me, it's okay at best. And remember, this is YMMV, you may not agree with everything,
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