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04:30:29 AM Jul 22nd 2011
"Accidental Nightmare Fuel: the opening in Crystal might just be the biggest Mind Screw in the franchise before the Arceus event in the remakes. The Last Note Nightmare, dramatically setting up The Reveal that never happens... just about everything. And given there's still no Mind Screwdriver to date despite the remakes, it's unlikely there will ever be one."

I don't get this item. The linked video shows a bunch of Unown and Suicune running around and posing. The video ends with a shot of some Unown spelling "CRYSTAL". I don't see anything nightmare fuel-y in it, nor does anything hint towards a "reveal that never happens".

Could someone please specify that point in the list? Because as it is now, it's not very comprehensible. At least not for me.
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