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06:29:31 AM Apr 9th 2018
  • Godot isn't a Memetic Badass just because of his mannerisms. In 3-2, despite being a novice prosecutor, he allows Phoenix to invoke Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! by getting Ron DeLite declared Not Guilty of being Mask DeMasque... which now ruins his alibi for the murder of Kane Bullard. In 3-3, he's able to intimidate Furio Tigre — himself The Bully with a penchant for making just about everyone else cower — into submission. And in 3-5, he manages to steer the trial toward the most-epic Secret Test of Character ever... concluded with his final reaction to being proven Guilty of murder: sharing coffee with Phoenix, as a final respect.

Ok, I have some serious issues with this entry, as it seems to be trying to make Diego into bigger mastermind than he was. Entry makes it seem like he was planning on letting Phoenix screw up the trial all along when he only found out about Bullard's death AND Ron's involvement afterward. it was just a dumb luck, not any kind of plan, that it turned out this way. While his actions against the Tiger are pretty badass, they don't qualify for the Magnificent Bastard, as it's about being a great mastermind. As for his actions in 3-5, the entry seems to be under the weird impression that what ultimately happened was what he was planning all along, even though the game never implied that. Godot wanted to beat Phoenix and he failed to. His crazy plan to stop Dahlia only led to plenty of people getting hurt because Godot wanted to show Phoenix that he's better, which ultimately FAILED because Phoenix had won. While he had shown plenty of bastardry, he completely lacks the magnificence.
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