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10:45:08 AM Sep 11th 2015
So I pulled an example of Shinjiro from They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character for natter and Example Indentation issues, I was going to rewrite it but I'm really not sure he belongs. Not that he's not popular and interesting, but it's tough to say he's "wasted" when he went through a fairly complete story arc, and a fairly proper sendoff. That seems to be misuse to me, but I'm not sure exactly what the threshold for the trope is.
11:49:49 AM Sep 11th 2015
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09:36:51 PM Dec 15th 2014
What's all this talk of Yukari as the canon love interest? Was the page hijacked by shippers or something? That's completely absurd.
11:37:15 PM Dec 15th 2014
Ship Tease is the only thing I can find here.
02:08:49 AM Dec 20th 2014
It looks like people were pointing out that Yukari has quite a few scenes during the main plot that suggest that she's interested in the MC, and that she was originally intended to be the canon love interest before the Social Link system was implemented, both of which are valid points. If anything, it looks like the people who have been editing the page recently were complaining about it. Still, there is no "canon" love interest.
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