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09:12:11 AM Jun 27th 2012
edited by Westrim
Edit warring would be restoring something that had an explanation for its deletion without using the discussion page, or arguing through deletion/restoration, not deleting it once in the first place.

YMMV doesn't mean that everything seen through shipping goggles gets included. The slippery slope of YMMV is that at some point, a viewpoint becomes too off base to consider. Percy doesn't get antihero tropes just because a few people think he was actually a good guy that did bad things (an argument I have specifically seen). The same goes for Hoyay. It is my considered opinion that some people are willing to view absolutely any interaction between two characters as romantic, (just like fetish fuel was deleted because just about anything was), so the only examples worth holding are of ships that have are a majority of the fanbase (like Supernatural) or have a significant impact on it. Neither holds true for these ships. There isn't an easy way to measure that of course, but a quick pop over to fanfiction.net just now showed roughly 6 times more Michael/Nikita stories than Alex/Nikita, which seems a strong indication.
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