YMMV My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 3 E 10 Spike At Your Service Discussion

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02:39:51 PM Aug 14th 2013
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Oops nvm it was meant for just for sidekicks
12:07:26 PM Jan 1st 2013
Seriously? This was one of the most divisive episodes so far? The second reason (Ship-To-Ship Combat) actually admits itself to be nullified, the fifth (about cliches) is completely invalid as almost every episode of the show tends to use a pretty predictable plot, and I don't even understand the Character Derailment one, as nothing changes in Spike's and Twilight's relationship. He starts out as her close assistant, and ends that way.

And the "Mane Six fearing the timberwolves" is hardly all that divisive. At worst, it's a bit of Fridge Logic, but I've never heard anybody actually seriously saying the episode was terrible as a consequence.

Mare-Do-Well was divisive. Best Night Ever was divisive. Wonderbolt Academy was divisive. This episode might have a few things that annoy people, but it's hardly a source of flamewars.

The line about this episode being super-divisive should be cut. Even if it's not, half of the reasons should be—they're taking up space and stating pretty much nothing.
05:48:20 PM Jan 8th 2013
edited by GoblinScribe
Since nobody responded with an explanation, I'm going to make these edits. This isn't a matter of a fan not wanting his show criticized, I just haven't seen evidence that this episode is as divisive as the article claims. Can't hurt to tone down an already unnecessary remark, and the two Base Breaker comments I deleted just never should've existed in the first place.
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