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02:05:03 PM Apr 18th 2015
edited by Charsi
I wonder whether the conflict with Deborah was an Idiot Plot as well. I would stay out of it knowing I won't be believed anyway, or try to unmask her in a way which couldn't be traced back to me, while pretending to mean no harm to her. Not like I am The Social Expert, but I am sure that could have been handled less recklessly. And why did Deborah need to walk up to Candy and give herself away for some gloating's sake, instead of acting just as innocent as she did for the others, and at worst misleading the Amateur Sleuth with a plausible tale which casts her as the victim of a misunderstanding?
01:09:44 PM Feb 9th 2013
About the Fan Dumb...my proof comes from the My Candy Love Wiki, Tumblr, and even the site itself.

On the wiki, look at Ken's comments and you will see multiple Ken fangirls bashing Kentin fans and calling them 'not true fans of Ken'. On the official My Candy Love website(in the Enlgish version at least) a topic popped up moments after episode the new Ken was revealed also lambasting people who liked the new Kentin by calling them shallow(despite the fact that no one had said or even done anything yet).

Finally on tumblr there were multiple blogs of course but the best was a 6 paragraph letter addressed to Kentin fans telling them off for being shallow and not true to Ken like another 'big name' Ken fan was.

So all in all it's kind of ridiculous how some people are actually judging others for...well judging a fictional character I guess? Either way, he's the same freaking person so saying who's a true fan or not is also kind of dumb.
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