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01:28:57 PM Apr 29th 2015
Regarding the removal of the What an Idiot! entry by Mr Death (under the "Repair, Don't Respond" justification): wouldn't it better to simply restore the previous entry instead of deleting it altogether? It rubs me the wrong way to see an entry completly removed when it could actually be, well, repaired.
01:46:53 PM Apr 29th 2015
Maybe. "Many fans" doesn't look like a good counterpoint, at any rate.
11:44:53 AM Dec 31st 2013
Does anyone else think that Team Ninja's claim that Sakamoto was the one responsible for most of the design, gameplay, and plot elements in the game to be total bullcrap? I mean, Team Ninja's the developer responsible for games such as Dead or Alive...
12:58:40 PM Jan 1st 2014
11:25:01 AM Mar 28th 2014
Yes and no. While it is entirely possible they were just contract workers following orders, they were also very enthusiastic in pre release interviews such as those with Iwata before the game brought the now famous backlash against them. They may not have been the one's responsible for many of the game's less popular aspects but it is clear they did not make much protest when many of those things were brought up such as plot direction, characterization, the concentration mechanic or the over abundance of cut scenes.

However, it is clear the controls, linear level design, voice direction, pixel hunts and music are not their fault and fall squarely on Yoshio Sakamoto. At least some of the character design does too, at least in regards to Samus's armor.
02:17:41 PM Sep 13th 2013
So I have a small issue with this:

  • Never Live It Down: Samus only talked about the Baby Metroid for part of the first 20 or so minutes, and the rest of the game barely mentioned it. Cue detractors proceeding to exaggerate her talk of the Baby as if it took place throughout the entire duration of the game. The same thing also applies to inner-monologues.

If I recall, Samus mentioned the Baby Metroid infrequently throughout the game, and brought up "babies" (sometimes in rather contrived ways) very frequently also throughout the game. Also, inner-monologues most definitely occurred to a great extent throughout the entire game, some of the most narmful ones in the latter half of the game.
11:25:30 AM Mar 28th 2014
So fix it.
02:17:21 PM Sep 13th 2013
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Ignore this.
09:13:00 AM May 2nd 2013
Natter is bad. Arguing with edits is bad. This block of text is bad. If you can rewrite it into a pared down form that doesn't contain arguing or natter (while still not being pissy at either fans of Other M or people who don't like it), please post it as a reply to this message.

  • Values Dissonance: The big deal raised in the West about Samus relying on Adam for authorization and support doesn't so much as raise an eyebrow in Japan, where submission to authority figures is considered a fact of life. It's also similar to real life military protocol.
    • On the other hand, real life military protocol still allows individual soldiers sufficient autonomy that they wouldn't need to get authorization to protect themselves from immediately life-threatening situations (the notorious "refusing to turn on the Varia suit despite being in the volcanic segment of the ship" and "trapped in a box surrounded by Wave Beam-equipped enemies" scenes). Plus, there is the fact that Samus is not formally under Adam's command — she's under no compulsion whatsoever to listen to his orders, as she is not only an independent agent, not one of his soldiers, he hasn't even hired her services. They just happen to be investigating the same case, and she chooses to listen to his advice out of politeness; she doesn't have to obey him.
    • Even so, in all those missions she's carried out for the GF, she is given her orders at the start and then given complete freedom in how she carries out the mission and which suit upgrades she may or may not use (read: she's free to use all of them, as and when they're acquired).
    • Most western audiences tend to view bounty hunters in fiction as fierce, independent, and often anti-authoritarian. Her creators at Nintendo were a good bit more fuzzy on the concept, applying it in a more general sense of "cool space hero." Early in development of Metroid Prime 3, Retro Studios suggested a series of "side quests" that involved Samus hunting down bounty heads in order to collect the reward. Nintendo was aghast, saying a good, upstanding person like Samus would never do something like that. Also, many western fans see Samus as a Knight Errant (shiny armour, fights a dragon), who are also viewed as fierce, independent, and often anti-authoritarian mostly because of Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!.
      • Which is actually supported in story by other games made by Nintendo (not including the Prime series), specifically Metroid II and Fusion, where she is sent in to exterminate all Metroids but saves the hatchling, and destroying the cloning labs on the BSL station and destroying SR 388 completely despite the Federation wanting to exploit the X parasites.
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