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09:04:18 PM Oct 23rd 2012
Well, couldn't find anywhere to put this, so..
  • Moral Myopia: Merlin's death toll is taking on epic proportions and at least half the deaths come from him protecting Uther, a bigoted, mass-murdering mad man who tries to have innocents burned at the stake for using magic every other week. He's still the one preaching to other characters and the one to talk about how much better things will be once Uther isn't king anymore.
    • Crosses into Never My Fault with Morgana. Not only does he call her out for things he did as well, he also continously endangered her life and lied to her. He left her to die so he could attempt to rescue Uther and when that didn't take poisoned her. But how could Morgana ever blame him for any of that?
I don't know if this even counts as YMMV. It could fit under Moral Dissonance, but it needs trimming down at the very least. IIRC, Merlin only saves Uther when somebody else is encouraging him to do it, and definitely hasn't killed half the people he has to protect him. Morgana's already pretty much covered.
02:00:50 PM Mar 29th 2011
I don't understand how the "Follow The Leader" example is YMMV. If slightly reworded, it's pretty much all presented fact. They use similar premises and character archetypes. o.o How can mileage vary here?
09:05:50 PM Oct 23rd 2012
It's YMMV because it shows up pink on the main page and it isn't in-universe. Otherwise, yeah, it's fact. Everyone know it.