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03:27:21 PM Oct 16th 2013
Per the Unfortunate Implications page, no Unfortunate Implications without accompanying critical links, so as to establish the fact that it's not just one person whinging.

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* Unfortunate Implications: A comic with this much comedy sex (and a fair bit of drinking) inevitably sets off alarm bells for some people.
  • Amber tricks a blindfolded Gary into performing oral sex on her. Let's just say that this probably wouldn't be viewed in such a comedic light if the genders were reversed.
  • There are also Zii's various moments of manipulating others for her own sexual gratification. She has never really been called out on this, though she has suffered some long-delayed consequences as the story continued.
  • These strips here. In a nutshell, all three are about getting somebody drunk enough to take advantage of them. Zii even tries to warn DiDi about it in this strip, only to drink all of the shots meant for her and wind up drunk herself. Don't come to this comic for reliable morals.
  • Likewise, in a subsequent plot thread, Senna let Gary get drunk (though probably by accident, as she didn't listen to what he said and he didn't check what he was drinking), and then had sex with him. This led to a certain amount of heated debate on the comic's discussion boards about questions of consent. Complicating factors were Senna's transsexual anatomy, and the facts that Gary has clearly found Senna attractive while he was sober, that Senna is probably too confident of her own attractions to bother getting anyone drunk to seduce them, that she wasn't stone cold sober herself, and that Gary was arguably just about mentally and physically capable of stopping things if he really wanted to. Still, he did get drawn into sex while very drunk.
  • A series of strips in 2013 shows Zii, DiDi, Sonya and new character Peggy paired initally in separate stories. The four of them are together as they return to Zii/DiDi/Gary's apartment , except Gary's not home and there are signs he may have moved out. Eventually, all four women end up in one bedroom Gary's. Peggy and DiDi are portrayed as straight even as Peggy goes down on DiDi after feeling sorry for DiDi's inability to achieve an orgasm. There's an implication here that, with each of them disappointed in some way by a man, they are now turning to each other for ... satisfaction.
  • Somewhat averted in three of the four cases; Zii has always been depicted as bisexual, Sonya is confused but has been after Zii for some time, and Peggy explains that she's mostly straight, but (a) she's never been averse to the occasional lesbian adventure, (b) she's willing to offer DiDi Pity Sex, and (c) like many people in the comic, she finds DiDi irresistibly attractive because she's DiDi.

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