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12:56:44 AM Nov 20th 2012
Noticed this bit on the YMMV page: "Some aspects of the localization are just plain bad, though. Skills are mistranslated and/or translated inconsistently. (Why does Shade Shift become Jade Shift in battle?) Some liberties were taken with the dialog in places, occasionally leading to awkward or out of character phrasing. ("Your blind allegiance will be your undoing?" That sounds like something Flay might say, not Vayne. The original line was just "Why are you doing this?") Grammatical errors abound. And so on." Except.. that's not in my version of the game. At least so far I can confirm the 'Jade Shift' error isn't there and I haven't spotted any grammar or spelling mistakes. Only mistake I can find in the PAL version as of Chapter 5 is the Library erroneously being named the Resource Center on the selection menu (same as the dungeon it leads to) and then "Res Center. Clerk" when you actually enter it. So can anyone confirm whether the other errors only exist in early print runs of the game or it was corrected for europe? PAL Bonus?
02:27:46 PM Dec 14th 2012
Just to confirm, found a few other concistancy errors in the skill list, all involving Roxis for some reason XD His first skill is Purifying as a PC but Purify Ring whenever you get a storyline battle against him. And Chrona Drive is Korona Drive on the grow book menu. Aside from that this version seems pretty errorless..
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