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11:14:37 AM May 10th 2012
edited by DrakeClawfang
While I wait for Pokemon boy to finish removing it so I can put it back, let's talk about this entry

The ratings of the games have no impact on Nomura's statement that the series is not intended for children despite the Disney setting and seemingly kid-friendly atmosphere. I don't know about Japan's ratings but in North America I find the ratings board only cares about things like sexuality, substance abuse, violence, etc. Things like existential dilemmas, human cloning, Mind Rape, and plans to destroy the known universe likely don't factor into their decision to rate the games for children, but the series is full of them. And seeing as how the trope is specifically about how Word of God feels and not how fans or critics feel, there's no reason it should be removed.

EDIT - And actually come to think of it, since Word of God has said this it ought to be on the main page as an invoked trope.
11:19:16 AM May 10th 2012
Kingdom Heart Chain of Memories was made for the Game Boy Advance because Nomura heard children wanted to play Kingdom Heart on it.
11:19:42 AM May 10th 2012
edited by DrakeClawfang
And do you have a real response to my argument to refute my points?

That fact you're so proud of is cherry picked. If you're going to use that argument, add in all the background behind the statement, like how it wasn't just the kid demand but the overseas demand.

DPM: Why did you decide to produce a Game Boy version of Kingdom Hearts?

TN: I heard a story that kids wanted to play Kingdom Hearts on the GBA. It also seemed that there was a similar demand overseas, so I thought that it had to be created. The plans for the GBA game were thought over while talking with Disney about Kingdom Hearts II. Actually, the vision of the game didn't become concrete until very recently.

Oh yes, and that interview is five years old, the linked interview in the trope is from this year, ergo Nomura's viewpoints have obviously shifted.
12:43:02 PM May 10th 2012
As a reminder, please be civil in discussions.

This is not a case where the "invoked" tag applies. Invoked would mean that Nomura intentionally designed a mature-themed game to appeal to kids, like writing a BDSM fic and plastering Mario all over it or something. In this case, he's expressing his opinion about the work he wrote, which is definitely Word of God, but doesn't count as an Invoked Trope.

Further, we can see that people continue to have different opinions about whether it qualifies as What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?, which means it's still subjective.
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