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02:55:37 PM Jun 25th 2017
These examples need to be moved to other tropes. Fetish Fuel should not be linked to, not even on YMMV pages. If anything is in-universe, it needs to be Fetish. I don't know the work, so I've moved it to the Discussion Page so fans can rewrite as necessary.

Clean-Up thread is here.

  • Fetish Fuel: #13 has a dominatrix Cat Girl with scalpel hands.
    • #20 has Satonaka in leather biker gear.
    • #10, Chiyoko's teacher-esque outfit, made even better by her sashay and glasses. Not to mention most of the cosplay to begin with...
    • Hina and her love of skirts and short shorts. That girl has legs.
04:04:03 PM May 19th 2012
Does anyone know what the exact jingle for Super TaToBa Combo is?
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