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02:27:01 PM Apr 3rd 2014
Would it be possible to add Base Breaker? It's already on TGWTG's YMMV page, and could just be copied over.
03:59:15 AM Apr 4th 2014
The Locked Pages page links to the thread where you can ask for an edit.
06:02:49 AM Mar 31st 2014
For the Creators Pet part, it should be noted that in the recent crossover for Pokemon 4Ever, she suffered (almost) as much bullying as Linkara and Suede.
02:03:16 AM Oct 7th 2013
Example removed from the page due to edit-war:

06:19:42 AM Oct 7th 2013
Seems to me that should go under Fan Hater or Hate Dumb.
09:01:50 AM Oct 7th 2013
Or directly under Critical Research Failure, maybe with a more neutral rewrite.
09:19:53 AM Oct 7th 2013
Hate Dumb is not literally "haters are ignorant", but more along the lines of "the bad aspects of Hatedom".

It's also not Fan Hater, since there is no mention of fans.

Critical Research Failure is the closest fit, but that page specifies "comment that is so egregiously off-the-scale of inaccuracy that anyone with a cursory knowledge of the subject realizes the writers made the whole thing up."
12:58:21 PM Oct 7th 2013
For reference, this was initially filed under He Panned It, Now He Sucks, and was repeatedly pulled and re-added since not everyone agrees with the assessment.
03:01:19 PM Oct 7th 2013
One person "disagreed" with it without stating a reason. It's also kind of a fact that JO's statement was either nonsense or at the very least badly worded for the sake of bashing.

I'm not an expert on the YMMV-standards, but wouldn't that mean that every example could be removed by anyone starting an edit-war over it?
05:19:44 PM Oct 19th 2013
Looking at the history

If the person didn't list a reason for getting rid of the statement. IE: Out of context quote, was redacted later, Feels this is a too personal/real life statement etc etc.

You can usually just assume they're an over protective fan trying to defend their devotee's image.
05:53:32 AM Jun 5th 2013
What exactly does this mean?

"Creator's Pet: Currently the only TGWTG-related reviewer on the Web Original section of the page over there- check for the full reasons."
07:36:42 AM Jun 5th 2013
It means bad editing.

The entry is telling you to go look at the Web Original section of Creator's Pet to read the actual example. People shouldn't have to hunt around the wiki like that, though, so I've copied the example over here.
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