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03:58:06 PM Dec 25th 2015
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The example doesn't give a rationale for why he would fit the trope, and the trope isn't (just) about someone not doing a good job in the role; it's about being a very counter-intuitive casting. Like as a Discword example, while David Jason is the right age and temperament for Albert, he was a very odd choice for Rincewind in The Color of Magic. One's elderly and garrulous and the other is young (looking) and neurotic.

Joss Ackland looks like Ridicully and for what it's worth, when I saw the movie several years back, I thought he did a good job in the role. Basically, I'm sure there are people who could have been a better fit (for instance, James Cosmo), but I don't think Ackland is enough of an objective "weird choice" for the role to fit the trope.

Does that make sense?
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