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05:55:04 PM Mar 6th 2011
Moved from the YMMV page until proper justification can be given. Even for a YMMV, there's a bit of confusion over what constitutes a Complete Monster.

  • Complete Monster: Your Mileage May Vary, but Anko and her group's downright evil tortures and manipulations, especially on Yoshikawa, can easily be seen as falling into this. A Freudian Excuse can only excuse so much. A lot of the actions of other students later in the series are even worse.
    • In fact Anko doesn't show any manipulative traits and she and her group are satisfied by bullying just Noboru (they are perfectly fine with the idea of leaving him in the middle of the jungle to die, though). To her other classmates she's shown acting rather fair, even willing to help the hated Onizuka, when she's disgusted by Miyabi using Fujiyoshi for her plan. The fact that Yoshikawa forgives her and seems attracted to her after their ordeal also takes a bit of the edge off of her earlier monstrous actions.
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