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06:21:21 PM Feb 25th 2014
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Godzilla's size in the second trailer seems to be a lot bigger than 350 feet. When he swims under the ships, the width of the aircraft carrier would fit comfortable on his back. I know it's not including his tail, because the recent full-body shots of Godzilla show that only his back has spines of significant size. That means that just the part of his back with the spines is 50-80 meters, depending on what kind of carrier that was. Not to mention his spines being as tall as the boats. And definitely not to mention that shot of him coming out of the water right before that nuke goes off. Maybe I just don't know how big 106 meters is, but he looked to be much bigger than that, as in he dwarfed the part of the island he appeared next to. Thoughts?
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