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10:00:16 AM Nov 1st 2013
Wanted to ask a question about this Hilarious in Hindsight example:

  • The villains' argument that the millions of people they kill will still live as Philosophers' Stones inside the conspirators is pretty much the same as the Catalyst's infamous fan-infuriating Insane Troll Logic in Mass Effect 3.

What I'm wondering, is that I don't recall any such argument (can someone refresh my memory here?) From what I recall, neither the hommunculi nor the conspirators really care about those casualties, and as I understand it, the conspirators don't necessarily think as many people will die as Father had planned- specifically, they expected some people to be left for them to rule.

07:04:54 PM Oct 27th 2013
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It shouldn't have to be said, but: can we keep Tumblr drama away from TV Tropes?

Or at least, can we not have one Tumblr blog's "feminist analysis" of the 2003 series - that is based on half-remembrances, and plenty of other people have already debunked - stated as though it's a common criticism? Really, we shouldn't be posting stuff that's just one person saying it here anyway, but at least if you're going to include it, make it out to be what it is - one person's analysis, someone who's not exactly a well-respected critic or anything - and make sure it's acknowledged that there are a lot of people (including other feminists) who disagree.

It mainly seems to be one user adding these things, but s/he is a persistent one, and it's getting annoying to constantly have to check this page to revert their edits - which seem to be more based on reading that blog (since it's the same "criticisms" there but re-worded or exaggerated) than their own viewing of the 2003 anime.
08:36:57 PM Oct 27th 2013
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YMMV pages were made so that people could express their opinions without putting them on the main page so as to seem like facts. The only way to remove ymmv items is for the example to not follow the trope definition. Otherwise, his opinion (or a blog's; it doesn't matter) has just as much right to be there as yours do.

If you would like to take down any of his examples at any time, please prove why the examples he wrote are not proper examples of their respective tropes.
10:11:33 PM Oct 30th 2013
I've been given to understand that YMMV is not actually for individual opinions, but for prevelent subjective opinions in fandom as a whole. Is this not the case?
05:33:30 PM Nov 1st 2013
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Also, we're also allowed to remove things that are factually wrong about the work, correct? Because as I was trying to indicate with the note about them being based on "half-remembrances", a lot of these criticisms about how the 2003 series is supposedly "anti-feminist" are based on wrong information - complaining about things that didn't actually happen in the series, leaving out things that did happen that would disprove their arguments, and so on.

Also, I'd like the clarification amarielah asked for as well. From my experience on other YMMV pages, there seems to be a new rule that Unfortunate Implications examples in particular need to be something that is a common impression viewers have, not just one person's opinion, and need an outside citation to show this. (Personally, I like that new rule; since TVT is a reference, it should reflect what are frequent impressions - positive or negative - that some fans have about the series, rather than allowing one person to bias everything toward their particular, highly-individual take on the series. Especially if it's a contentious topic where ranting about it violates Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment. I've seen this as a problem on YMMV pages for other volatile fandoms, too, and it seems to be what the person who I mentioned above is doing, when the things s/he is adding aren't just outright incorrect.)
10:35:13 AM Mar 19th 2014
Ditto for quoting tumblr blogs in FMA Brotherhood YMMV as a source behind Unfortunate Implicatons around racism.

Plus "It's the same justification as many racists use!" is just an ugly argument that leads to drama.
07:14:56 PM Mar 4th 2013
edited by EmmaWoodhouse18
Along with sections for the Manga/Brotherhood and the 2003 Anime, could we maybe have a section for things that apply to both works/the fandom in general? A lot of the stuff (such as some of the stuff about ship wars, or the Broken Base over comparisons between the works) doesn't make sense to put in one or the other.
05:30:04 AM Feb 3rd 2012
This entry is Thread Mode, can it be chopped down a bit? WITHOUT the personal stuff and Natter?
  • Misaimed Fandom:
    • Roy destroying Envy in the most painful way possible isn't supposed to be enjoyed by the audience. You're supposed to be worrying for Roy's sanity, not cheering for him to kick Envy's ass. The anime clears this up a bit, largely with the way the voices sound: Roy's tone is clearly that of a savage madman, and Envy sounds like a scared ten year old.
    • To be fair, a lot of readers/viewers believed that Envy totally deserved it.
      • Whether Envy deserved it or not isn't the point. If Scar had been torturing him/her, it would have been all right, because Scar had already surrendered to his rage long ago. The part you're supposed to focus on is Roy making the same mistake.
      • Surely there's a middle ground where we can simultaneously enjoy Envy getting what's coming to him/her and fear that Roy's going past the point of no return.
      • The characters agree that Envy needs to die (Riza plans on finishing Envy off herself, although Roy claims he doesn't want her to dirty her hands), but believe Roy doing it for vengeance is wrong.
    • You can't fight how you feel about the scene, but there is room for both reactions. The shift from 'this is awesome' to 'this could get ugly' is roughly around Envy's Clipped Wing Angel form reappearing.

10:47:25 AM Dec 26th 2010
Added the Character Alignment. if you have a problem with it discuss it here.

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