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08:53:59 AM Jun 25th 2014
Were any of Ross' divorces played for tragedy apart from maybe Emily? Because I recall number three being a drunken Vegas wedding.
03:22:53 PM Jun 2nd 2014
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  • Romantic Plot Tumour: In later seasons both Ross/Rachel and Joey/Rachel. Fans were sick of Ross and Rachel's Can't Stand Them, Can't Live Without Them and Joey/Rachel was awkward, out of character and a Shaggy Dog Story which stopped Joey's personal arc. At that point it was getting hard to care who Rachel ended up with, and made her look like a Creator's Pet pulling attention from Phoebe's relationship with Mike and Monica and Chandler having children which people actually cared about. Plus only one couple could last and Genre Savvy viewers figured they'd never ditch Ross/Rachel. Sure enough Joey and Rachel broke up after barely three episodes and Joey was left alone at the end of the series.

You do realise that apart from conceiving Emma, Ross and Rachel hadn't been together since "The One with the List"? In season 3? Living together to raise their biological child has nothing to do with romance, especially considering that they didn't even live together that long IIRC. Can't Live with Them, Can't Live without Them in this case is not related to them as a couple. Which at the time of Chandler and Monica's wedding and Emma's conception was four years ago.

The reason Ross allowed Joey to date Rachel in the first place was that Ross and Rachel hadn't gone out in six years. Sure there was Will They or Won't They?, but the actual romantic couple of Ross and Rachel was seasons 2-3 and hooking up in the season 10 finale. In contrast, Chandler and Monica hooked up at the end of season 4, fell in love over season 5, and stayed together right into the season 10 finale. Also main characters can't be Creator's Pet, especially when the tension between Ross and Rachel in the first half (and parts of the second half) was a large narrative focus of the show from day one.

And pulling attention from? From what? Chandler and Monica weren't pushed to the background. None of the six were. Ever to my knowledge. Not even sure if Mike was, though I'm less certain of that. On top of which, the Will They or Won't They of Ross/Rachel long predates any meaningful reactions or foreshadowing with Chandler and Monica, unless you're counting dramatic irony or peeing on a jellyfish sting. Mike and Phoebe literally started in season 9 when Joey, not having anyone in his phonebook for Phoebe's double date, yelled "Mike!" at Central Perk and went along with it. Ross/Rachel (or will Ross and Rachel maybe get back together) WAS the main plot (at least up until around season 5 or 6).
03:10:21 PM Feb 1st 2011
Why is Brain Bleach on the YMMV page? It looks like these are all in-universe examples.