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01:34:05 PM Sep 13th 2015
edited by RangerJackWalker
Stop sweeping an entire community of people with a wide range of opinions into a single stereotype. Referring to the edit war currently in progress over It's Popular, Now It Sucks on the YMMV page.
12:09:53 PM Sep 15th 2015
Honestly, my concern is the same, but in the opposite direction. I am one of the old guard fans who's been playing since the first/seventh title in the series came out for the Gameboy Advance, and I really think most of the Awakening anti-fans are overstating their case on the game-design front.

I have my criticisms of its story too, but a lot of it really does seem to boil down to some unpleasant elements. Most of that tumblr article, for instance, is just him ranting about "kids these days" and how much he hates and resents them for liking something he doesn't like and/or used to like.

I would like to remove it, at the very least. But, as I'm currently on probation here, I won't if it is the consensus of the wiki not to.
02:18:53 PM Sep 15th 2015
No, you see, I don't care. Your wording was flammatory and your attitude even worse. I will resist all attempts at stereotyping fanbases like that.
08:04:58 PM Sep 15th 2015
That's fair. I'm only asking to remove that tumblr link, which is, you must admit, equally inflammatory and dismissive of a fanbase.
11:14:14 PM Sep 15th 2015
I'd like to see more discussion first.
08:32:24 PM Aug 29th 2015

does it belong in ff recs?

its new but it has prooven amusing...
01:39:31 AM Aug 30th 2015
Not sure why you are posting this question here.
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