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07:37:32 AM Jan 20th 2015
Could anyone provide a reason for why Noah and Ellen are listed under The Scrappy? I personally can't find anything to hate about them.
07:59:06 AM Jan 21st 2015
I don't know why Ellen is listed, but I know that a lot of the forum-goers hated Noah because he seemed to be stealing the spotlight and seemed like a Gary Stu.
02:52:25 PM Nov 19th 2015
does anyone mind if I remove it?
12:28:55 AM Nov 20th 2015
"I don't hate them" is not a good reason to remove a YMMV anything.
07:18:13 PM Nov 20th 2015
Fair enough, but the page directly states "All of these characters do have fans, however, and there are no straight out universally hated Scrapies in the comic, however. " doesn't that mean they should instead go under base breaker? I'm pretty sure a trope example for the scrappy contradicts itself by saying that there aren't any. To be a scrappy, don't you have to be hated by a majority of the fandom? I could be mistaken, mind you. Also, I don't want to remove the whole example, just the Ellen section as it, unlike the other examples, provides no explanation as to why she qualifies. The other characters have reasons listed for their status. Can someone at least provide a list of reasons why she qualifies? "Ellen has always had some of this" doesn't tell us anything about what the fan's grievances with the character are or why she qualifies.
01:54:45 AM Nov 21st 2015
Well, if it doesn't explain why she qualifies, zap away.
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