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02:02:59 PM Dec 6th 2013
On ff.net some Edd/Marie shippers have expressed their distaste towards Kevedd. Author of one of the most well-known DD/MK fics, Bad Girls with Big Hearts, almost left the site as a sign of protest. Does this qualify as Ship-to-Ship Combat ?
04:54:58 PM Nov 22nd 2013
'Kay, I'm bringing this here to avoid an Edit War: is Kevin a Scrappy or a Base Breaker? On one hand, people hate him for being a jerk, but on the other the bloody Kevedd avalanche...
07:58:10 AM Nov 26th 2013
Well, you may have a point. However, Kevin is the 3rd most hated character of the show (ahead of Lee Kanker who is the 4th, and below Jimmy who is the second hated), so this might be hard. His hatedom still outbalances his fandom, still making him a scrappy.
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