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07:30:44 PM Feb 19th 2012
A pretty large number of the tropes listed here are not subjective tropes. I'm going to run through these and directly port everything that doesn't have a YMMV banner over to the main trope listing. Those would be the following:

If you feel that any of these actually do belong on the YMMV page, please make sure the example fits the trope, and if it's not, try to find a YMMV trope that better fits the example. Remember that YMMV subpages do have a specific purpose, and aren't just dumping grounds for anything that can be taken negatively.
07:30:04 PM Feb 21st 2012
While you have a point, the problem is that everything about the DAYDverse is YMMV to some extent. The question isn't, "Are these tropes YMMV?" - it's "Do these tropes apply?" And the arguments for and against can get both Natter-full and vitriolic.

12:17:20 PM Apr 26th 2016
YMMV is for opinion-based tropes and audience reactions. For everything else: Examples Are Not Arguable. If they apply then they go on the main page. If they don't out of the window with them.
09:33:49 PM Jan 4th 2012
edited by Maven
I'm starting to really hate A Peccatis. Upwards of a year of interruption, and the story's still a muddled, murky, bloody mess with an ever-mounting body count and practically no clues indicating who's gone Axe-Crazy on the Order of the Phoenix and every member of the previous generation who might know something that Harry and/or Neville must not be allowed to find out. This is not just Darker and Edgier dialed Up to Eleven, it's not even a decent murder mystery. It's a stinking slasher fic, and I don't mean the Ho Yay kind.

Also, the longer the stupid thing goes on, the more blatantly mundane it gets. By this point the author is using magic as a thin and peeling veneer over a grim and gritty Crapsack World that is just barely distinguishable from the seamier parts of our own. There is outright canon violation in several places, not merely due to "recently revealed information", but apparently to He Just Didn't Care as long as it fit with his GRIMDARK "story".

I'm about ready to say the Eight Deadly Words and try to forget the whole thing.

11:40:22 PM Oct 14th 2012
The recent updates have not improved matters any. Instead of just an over-the-top Dark Fic, this is turning into a Dark Crack Fic.
07:34:46 PM Jan 1st 2012
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With the development of Pottermore (pottermore.com) and the leakage of information onto the Harry Potter Wiki pages, some of the elements from DAYD have been Jossed. Specific example: McGonagall's backstory is very different from what was theorized - and she's way too young to have been romantically involved with anyone during World War II (born c. 1935, attended Hogwarts c. 1947-54, etc).

Also, some people killed off in DAYD were clearly shown in the movie to survive the Battle of Hogwarts. (But Lavender was killed off in both versions - poor girl can't catch a break!)

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