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08:34:41 PM Sep 27th 2012
I went ahead and cut the Unfortunate Implications bit, for a couple of reasons.

First off, as stated on the UI page, there has to be proof that it's not one person blowing things out of proportion. There isn't any.

Second off, the entire basis of the claim is based on factual errors and assumptions made thereof. "any human warrior can become a Super Saiyajin through his Saiyajin blood." No, they can't. Only the ones who make a wish on the Dragon Balls for the ability to become Super Saiyan can. As far as I know, assumptions based on incorrect information don't qualify to begin with.

I'd be glad to discuss it in more detail if somebody wants to dispute me, but I really don't see how it even lasted this long.
10:17:21 AM Jan 30th 2012
Please don't cut this. I am going to clean it up.
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