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03:32:35 PM Apr 26th 2013
A friendly note from the Complete Monster cleanup thread; stop adding examples as every villian up until the start of season 3 has been ruled as not qualifying for this trope.

If a new villian shows up take it to the cleanup thread first. Mods have suspended people for ignoring the thread before.
05:47:16 AM Jun 26th 2012
For some time, it's been debated through back and forth editing about Vegeta's status as a Complete Monster. Here is the most recent entry (deleted and moved here):

Last time, it was agreed that Vegeta's (weak) Pet the Dog moment of saving Gohan from Freeza in episode 27 just barely saved him from being a CM. Also, this most recent entry makes mentions of Vegeta's 2 Heel–Face Turn's preventing Vegeta from being one in the original series, but acts like they don't count here. Said editor is failing to take into account that in the original show/manga, technically Vegeta's first Face Turn came in the Android saga, while we have only just finished the Freeza saga. While Vegeta is unquestionably a horrible man, I don't feel that he qualifies as a CM, at least not yet. If he should not make his turn in the Android saga here, then by all means he can be considered one. At least for now, can we leave Vegeta off of the example until we find out?
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