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05:51:56 PM Mar 26th 2016
edited by RogueJedi
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  • Internet Backdraft: The closing of the Disney Magic of Animation attraction to replace it with the Star Wars Launch Bay was met with very vocal anger among Disney fans, particularly traditional animation fans, who were already feeling burned over the postponing of future hand-drawn Disney features, and see the change as a shameless attempt to keep milking the Star Wars gravy train at the expense of Disney's legacy. And then they announced the permanent closure of parts of Frontierland to make room for yet more Star Wars attractions...

There are several reasons why:

  • 1. It seems like a pretty blatant double standard (promoting Star Wars is "shameless" but promoting traditional animation is perfectly fine?)
  • 2. I've seen far, far more people happy about the Star Wars area than disappointed in it, so it's Broken Base at best.
  • 3. The majority of Disney's rides based on preexisting properties are still based on traditionally animated works.
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