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01:33:34 PM Oct 8th 2013
Pulled these examples again.

  • Designated Hero: Despite being the protagonist of the show, and clearly intended as the "root-for" character, Daria is notoriously cruel to the other kids at her school, her parents, and her (eventual) boyfriend. Highlights include physically attacking her sister for getting web-development software, playing the harmonica to annoy her parents for grounding her (when she was out past curfew), criticizing Tom for forgetting their anniversary (only to be called out for forgetting it as well), and, in the Grand Finale, accusing him of getting into college strictly for being a legacy student when she failed, ignoring that she had a terrible interview. Oddly, she rarely gets called out on it.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Daria, in Is It College Yet?. She is going with Tom and his mother to Bromwell University for an admittance interview, an interview Daria fails miserably, while Tom is shown to ace it. When she is later denied acceptance to the university, she immediately accuses Tom of getting in because his family has a legacy at Bromwell, completely ignoring her own failures, and his actual successes, even when they are pointed out to her.

The first example is just straight up false about the events of the television show.

The second example is also not what that trope is covering - Unintentionally Unsympathetic is for characters being assigned sympathetic flaws to make the audience like them, but the audience instead hates them for it.
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