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08:29:18 AM Sep 6th 2012
edited by Gojirob
Is this really a valid anti-war, anti-fear and hatred piece? While magnificent and chilling beyond words, I have a few problems. Whatever their origin, the demons weren't simply some misunderstood aliens spurned for their ugliness - they were very traditional horror demons, eating and possessing people while taunting and gleefully terrorizing. The Humans acted like utter bastards, especially towards the Makimuras, but this was after an all-out invasion that featured such treats as parents watching their infants eviscerated before being split in two from head to toe. Their reaction to this could have been a lot sager, but war was declared on them, and no negotiation or apology to the demons for 'God' snubbing them was going to change their plans. I'm not dissing a really great iconic series but I think the anti-militarism aesop is a bit broken.

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