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03:58:19 AM Feb 6th 2016
Kimarous, I understand what you're trying to do. But you've trimmed it down to what practically amounts to a Zero-Context Example, simply saying "There was a video and people disagree about it."

My edit addressed your concern, as I understood it. It said, "Here is what one side thinks, here is what the other side thinks." What else, in your mind, is necessary for a Broken Base example?
02:42:04 PM Mar 11th 2016
Apologies for the very belated reply. RL stuff came up, got distracted, and ultimately forgot about it until recently. Rereading it now, I feel like I misread the original message. Apologies for the trouble. Consider the matter closed.
03:18:56 PM Mar 11th 2016
It's fine. Sorry for the miscommunication, and thank you for the eventual reply.
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