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09:47:09 AM Sep 5th 2017
Regarding my Unfortunate Implications tag that just got deleted, 1) Since when did this tag require citations? 2) Everyone else has pointed out that Vincent is being raped by Catherine, therefore he's being victim-shamed. End of discussion. 3) You're kinda missing the point of what I was trying to say regarding Erica and the dreams. If the dreams only happen to those that are negatively affecting the population growth, regardless of gender, then why aren't women that are too picky or have abortions being affected? The dreams only happen to men, so Erica having the dreams is meant to imply that she's not truly a man.
12:13:08 PM Sep 5th 2017
  • 1: For a long time. It's on the Unfortunate Implications page.
  • 2: Do people think Vincent is being raped or not? The edit reason pulling your example claims that people just think that he's hooking up with Catherine, not that he's being raped in any way. If so, that'd be Oblivious Guilt Slinging, not victim-shaming.
  • 3: I actually agree with you, that explanation comes across as a Fan Wank when I'm pretty sure that the basic idea is that she's considered a man. But it needs a citation.

Also, ease up on the Bold Inflation.
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