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06:29:42 PM Apr 6th 2015
edited by MyTimingIsOff
  • Armored Closet Gay: Some fans have suggested that Major Strasser is either this or a Depraved Homosexual.
    • Or it might just be Conrad Veidt being Conrad Veidt. He was a fine actor, bless his heart, but watch any of his sound films and his flamboyant bisexuality always leaks through. (Note that Strasser does not only leer at the guys, but also leers at Ilsa...)
    • Also—and let's be honest about this—anything Nazi is going to be at least a little bit gay-seeming (as Jon Stewart & Co. put it, Hitler basically turned all Germany into "a smelly, homoerotic gym class").

safed_sher, YMMV pages are for YMMV items only. No objective tropes allowed. Putting tropes here in order to dodge Examples Are Not Arguable is a violation of wiki policy. Furthermore, those two second-level bullet points are natter.
10:18:10 PM Dec 22nd 2015
edited by safed_sher
  • Scratches head* I only put in that first bullet point, not the initial Armored Closet Gay spec or the homoerotic gym class thing, so it's not all me. Sorry if I messed it up; it's one of those places where it's hard to gauge what's objective/subjective and not; there are plenty more examples on this page besides this one, and plenty of natter, so dunno why you picked this particular one as an example. If there's a more neutral way to point out that the casting of an IRL bi guy would've influenced the Armored Closet Gay interpretation (or is even that one of those Examples Are Not Arguable things?) and there's a more agreeable way to put it in, go ahead. I mean, the main article and the YMMV/trivia pages are full of actor-related reality subtext stuff. The whole "Strasser is gay" trope bothers me because (unlike the hints of Renault's bisexuality) it's not actual text, but viewers reading it with Ho Yay goggles thanks to the vibes one gets from Veidt. So that's the only reason I included it. But if there's a better way of phrasing it/fixing it, go ahead. I just know that the whole "Strasser is gay" trope has shown up in several reviews, so explaining why that might be would IMHO be relevant. But I don't want to start any edit wars over it, so do as thou wilt.
06:53:42 AM Dec 23rd 2015
Whole thing has to go bye-bye.

Might fit Alternative Character Interpretation, though.
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