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03:07:15 PM Sep 27th 2014
I think the ACI for Menendez needs some Wiki Magic applied.
02:28:26 AM Sep 28th 2014
Might want to spell out what ACI is, sire.
02:28:27 PM Sep 30th 2014
Yes, I know what it is. It— I... I don't know, somehow this particular example just doesn't seem right, or maybe it's just me (pesky hate-tinted lens). "...its pretty plain that Menendez has either a horrendous cruel streak and/or serious issues before the Freudian Excuse exists."[sic] Yes, the sloppish grammar (its) is slightly telling.

I mean, from reading the whole entry now, the way it comes off me, Treyarch might as well write Menendez with no Freudian Excuse.
02:52:27 PM Sep 30th 2014
Well, the grammar needs to be fixed. Otherwise, the entry looks fine - it's YMMV and people are bound to disagree over it.
08:01:57 PM Aug 7th 2014
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I know I've just posted about Black Ops 2 Wii U finally getting Nuketown 2025, but apparently Miiverse is reporting Die Rise DLC will be joining the default Green Run/Tranzit Maps in Zombies. Do I need to post anything about Die Rise on Wii U over at Nazi Zombies or is here at Black Ops 2 fine?

8/15/14 - No longer needed as Miiverse was just rumor-mongering and that Die Rise's listing on Wii U Zombies was just a glitch display.
08:48:39 PM Feb 14th 2013
When trying to protect the French leaders in the Cordis Die mission, some buildings go down and Mason is knocked down. Is it me, or the sound played before the buildings go down, is Raul Menendez shouting??
04:34:04 PM Nov 21st 2012
edited by Limey26
Possibly a little bit of Fridge Brilliance in one of the endings, where David sees a young Haitian boy carrying what appears to be his sister to be treated by an American medic, who immediately does. The whole story started because an American soldier killed the sister of a Third World man, and that loss destroyed whatever goodness was left in him. But now? Nearly forty years later? Mason and those like him are doing their best to ensure that doesn't happen anymore and, even more so, they are actively helping. YYMV, natch, but I liked it...