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11:22:48 AM Oct 23rd 2014
Regarding Buffy being a Designated Hero and crossing the Moral Event Horizon (from ATT):

"Between the fact that Faith was, you know, kind of seriously evil at that point and Angel wasn't, it has to go. She's willing to potentially kill an evil human being in order to save an ally and good person (who happens to be a vampire). The way it's worded, it's like she wants to sacrifice an innocent human being in order to feed a monster that she loves. Never mind the fact that killing Faith would be a net gain for good because it would activate the next Slayer. I'd say killing the bad guy to save the life of a good guy is heroic, even if the good guy happens to not be human. I'd leave Moral Event Horizon, but clean up the language and blatant bias in it because as written it's just a rant by someone who loves Faith's leather pants. ... and this is coming from someone who thinks Buffy overall becomes a Designated Hero. It's just that it has nothing to do with that episode."
04:18:57 AM Dec 13th 2012
How is Creator's Pet defined here? I don't think Dawn qualifies, I actually feel the Creators horribly mistreated Dawn?
07:35:02 AM Dec 13th 2012
Define "mistreat." "Mistreat" as in do mean things to would actually make it more likely, since those mean things tend to be interesting and plotline-related (see Character Focus on the Creator's Pet page). "Mistreat" as in "mishandle," on the other hand, would be something entirely different.

Now, she's definitely a Scrappy. I don't know whether the creators explicitly like her. She definitely got more focus than was necessary (following season 5, obviously. She had a reason for being the focus there). And I honestly don't really remember any characters seriously talking her up.

So she definitely fits 2/4 criteria for being a CP. If someone can find out about the other two (because I just don't know either way), then we can decide whether she is or not.