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08:44:01 AM Jan 8th 2015
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The Pre Sequel gave a little more clarity to Handsome Jack (not sure how much though). Should the source note on why Jack can't be a Complete Monster be updated?

P.S. Trying to use the percent actually commented part of the post out at first, like
10:35:52 AM Sep 23rd 2012
I just pulled this example from the YMMV page. There are good points all around, but it's attracting natter that isn't appropriate for the page. I'm actually considering throwing it on headscratchers, to get that ball rolling.

* Idiot Plot: The company whose goal is to kill you is perfectly content to bring you back from death every time you drive off a cliff, get eaten by a skag or run into one too many bandits. The game's plot overall is much more fleshed out than the first, but it is worth noting that simply blocking the player character from respawning would end the game (and the story) really, really fast. It may also just be that the game's Big Bad is a sadistic jackass...
  • The Guardian Angel was shown right from the start to be able to hack Hyperion locks - it's quite reasonable to assume that she's also doing the same to the New-U stations for the Vault Hunters. Handsome Jack presumably blew up many other potential Hunters on his trains, and would have locked them out of the New-U stations beforehand.
  • One sidequest has Handsome Jack give you a mission to kill yourself, knowing full well you'll respawn; he just wants to humiliate you. Another mission has the Hyperion Corporation hiring you to kill a bunch of bandits, knowing full well who you are and promising a "Hyperion firearm made especially for you" if you do it. The sniper rifle in question has decent stats and an onboard AI that insults you at every opportunity. Evil Is Petty is in full effect.
10:10:01 PM Sep 25th 2012
I put the third point under Evil Is Petty on the main page (I added it originally, and I shouldve put it there to begin with...)

I think the second point would be best on the WMG page, and there's already a section covering the new-u stations where it would fit nicely.

As for the trope itself I'm not sure; there's a bit of debate in the main page around Gameplay and Story Segregation, so perhaps it should just be left off for now
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