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12:41:45 PM Apr 22nd 2013
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Even in the X-Men universe, human genetics still apply, as seen in the resemblance between Night Crawler and Mystique. Depending on the Writer, Kurt has either blue fur, or blue skin. Either way, it's a trait he shares in common with Mystique, his biological mother.

With Cronos and Uranus, there is no resemblance whatsoever. Even their respective zoanthrope abilities are radically different from one another.

Then there's the very real possibility of Uranus being a clone and whether she's even capable of child conception. Even if she is, chronologically speaking, she'd only be a few years old at most, whereas Cronos is a teenager. Uriko was only 9 years old, during the time Tylon had her captive (BR-1), which is the earliest Uranus could have been created. Meaning, she'd only be 7 years old, tops. So how could she possibly give birth to Cronos, who's 17-18 years old?

The other commonly accepted theory is that Uranus may be Uriko's future self. In order to be her son, Cronos would have to be from the future as well since, in the present time line, he's older than she is. But we know Cronos is from the present time line, where Uriko is still only 16. Either way, the argument that he's her son doesn't hold up.

And, even ignoring all of the above, would Uranus really do it with an old guy like King Orion?
08:01:02 AM Oct 11th 2013
That's not a really valid argument: putting aside that he may have taken after his father, or even that he's just fond of tanning (Snooki isn't supposed to look that dark either), we're talking about mutants who turn into tigers, bats and penguins...neither race nor hair color (by human standards anyway) can be accurately applied to beings that remarkably alien. Who says that dark skin isn't just something that male phoenixes have, or that blue hair translates into male offspring as white hair? Point is, it's like in X-Men, where Storm, an African woman, has snow white hair and eyes with no pupils while Nightcrawler has blue fur, blue hair and a prehensile tail (among other physical deformities). You're applying Human genetics to Zoanthropes, who are explicitly described as NOT human in the slightest.

Also there is the simple fact we have no idea about Uranus' origins or Cronos' for that matter, how quickly these "people" mature and develop, how they reproduce at all...the only things that are implicitly certain about Zoanthropes is that they can—at a glance—pass for human, but some of them even don't pass that test. The games obviously never went into the logical problems of a race of shapeshifting "manimals" and their related biology, but at the very least the assumption should be made most or all of our biological structure is simply absent for Zoathropes. The fact a (nominally) mammalian creature turns into a reptile at one point in the series, and in another a presumed-mammal turns into a bird (and another a rodent, and another into...whatever the hell the Spurious is) shows their biological makeup is at best only casually related to humans. Now, I don't want to throw around the term "Monstrous Abominations Against God" buuuut...
12:44:09 PM Oct 31st 2013
According to the Official Players Guide, Cronos is 23, while Uranus is 28.

So unless she gave birth to him at age 5(!) - assuming a clone can give birth at all - I'd say the theory about her being his mother is officially Jossed.
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