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07:32:51 AM Aug 9th 2014
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I've removed the Germans Love David Hasselhoff example to here:
  • Americans for the series, one of Shonen Jump's "Big Three" in the states for over a decade now and still selling fairly well. In Japan while this was always less so, Bleach has faded hard in recent years. Perhaps most notably loosing its anime entirely which was replaced with a Naruto spin-off.

The fans seem to like comparing current sales to its temporary peak (a period of unusually high sales). The Japanese industry publish a "Top 50" manga list of the best selling manga in the industry. These are considered very successful manga. Bleach has never dropped outside that list and has never been outside the top half of it (the top 25). In Japan, it's never been either "Big Three" or unsuccessful - selling "fairly well" (to quote the example) is exactly what it does.
08:10:13 AM Jul 29th 2014
Moved this item to here:

  • Author's Saving Throw: All over the place, but the most notable one is Isshin declaring he's going to teach Ichigo the "Final Getsuga" so he can defeat Aizen, who by this time is pretty much a deity. It involves Ichigo merging with his Zanpakuto so he can become a human-sized Getsuga Tensho.

Author's Saving Throw is when an author writes something that turns things on their head and shakes-up the status quo, the fans revolt about the changes and the author is forced to rewrite things to salvage the situation.

How does the example above fit the actual intention? It seems more like an example for a different trope entirely.
08:12:52 AM Jul 29th 2014
I think it's taking the trope title literally, i.e "saving power upgrade". I don't know these tropes well enough to find a replacement, though.
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