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05:51:23 AM Sep 3rd 2015
Hokay, so.

First off, no double trope entries. Which makes a triple even more not allowed. So I deleted Double Standard because it's not YMMV. Then I deleted Unfortunate Implications because it requires a citation about the example. Not citing a random other page, but it needs a citation demonstrating that this instance is an example of Unfortunate Implications to multiple other people, and not a single person's issue.

So that leaves just Squick, which is all well and good, except the example isn't written as Squick and needs to be rewritten. So I commented it out.
02:11:47 PM Sep 3rd 2015
No double trope entries? Is that a true rule?

Is it objective that it's a double standard, in that it would be objectively be considered darker with reversed genders? Or is it objectively true that there's no such double standard? (Should Double Standard be put in the Film page?)

I did pose the question of whether the cite is truly necessary on a YMMV page, in the Unfortunate Implications discussion.
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