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07:35:14 AM Feb 28th 2015
  • Alien Scrappy: The Drazi are the race on which the most problematic and borderline-racist alien customs are dumped, everything from overenthusiastic religious pilgrims to the whole fiasco with the green and purple sashes. The Minbari's warrior caste are a close second, especially due to their asinine habit of brandishing their ships' weapons during all first contact situations.
    • Frankly, the Drazi come across as a Planet of Hats whose "hat" is not so much a hat as a special helmet they have to wear in order to avoid hurting themselves...
    • The Minbari warrior caste considers brandishing their weapons during a proper honorable gesture of greeting between warriors. Showing all your weapons without trying to defend yourself could be seen as a gesture of trust and that you're not trying to set up a trap. It's very easy to get misinterpreted when they use their extremely powerful scanners on ships that screw up the scanned target's engines and use stealth sensors to keep them from scanning you.
      • The Minbari were very isolationist before, so it's possible that it was just some weird Warrior Caste tradition that generally was just used for one group of Minbari Warriors to say "Sup?" to another group of Minbari Warriors. Still, kind of a boneheaded thing for them to do when dealing with aliens.
      • Still, as has been pointed out, their crying over losing precisely one ship in their Curb Stomp War against earth comes across as more than a little petty and cruel, given that the reason the ship was destroyed in an ambush was because they had ambushed the humans, and the one surviving warship decided to return the favor.
        • That was a common practice in various colonial wars in 19th century (Earth) history. The handful of occasions where the natives defeated Europeans through clever tricks were condemned as signs of their evil and treachery.

Alien Scrappy is no longer a trope. This should be readded as The Scrappy, but it is filled with natter. I'm busy atm so I can't sort through it right now.
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