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11:17:33 AM Dec 18th 2014
Pulled this:
  • Values Dissonance: Ace publicly outs a Trans woman against her will at the climax of the first movie. Ace's disgust at realizing he'd kissed said trans woman goes on for several minutes and is played entirely for laughs. He didn't realize she was trans until said outing mind, he thought it was just a man in a disguise and was trying to expose that and was shocked to find he was wrong.
    • Although it's easier to see said character not as an actual trans person, but as someone who had a sex change for the sake of an elaborate revenge facade. And even then, they didn't actually have a sex change, only enough cosmetic surgery to pass themselves off as someone else.
    • The scene is a parody of The Crying Game, where the main character also vomits after an Unsettling Gender Reveal from his lover. Note what's playing on the soundtrack while Ace freaks out.

Because it's Natter-y, and based on the second bullet point, the original complaint seems like it's Comically Missing the Point, since Einhorn is less a transgendered woman and more a guy in disguise as a woman.
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