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07:42:47 AM Nov 22nd 2013
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Okay, that seems solved. I am blanking this for now. Wrestling/{{WWF}} does not seem to work but a working WWF redirect still shows up in the title search.
10:31:26 PM Sep 18th 2014
Recently tried searching WWF and the results are Main/WWF does not exist, create it now. However, the WWF games have no problem showing up.
01:18:36 AM Sep 19th 2014
Main.WWF does not need to be created, we are not creating such redirects anymore. WWF does already exist.
10:31:19 PM Jun 29th 2012
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I reiterate my question from the Main.WWE discussion page: when and why was the WWF redirect cut & locked? For most of its history it was the WWF. Everything that happened before 2002 happened in the WWF, not the WWE. It's not like we've got a page for the World Wildlife Fund or anything.
07:57:17 PM Jul 19th 2012
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I do not know, but this site has recently deleted and locked several pages which they are afraid some people might take offence to. For legal reasons WWE censors any reference to the WWF so TV Tropes might be just covering there bases by doing the same thing. If you think this sounds like a bit of an over reaction keep in mind Fast Eddie deleted and locked a page for a manga because one of the side characters was a short teenager with Gag Boobs almost as big as she was (which was played for comedy). If that was enough to get a work deleted and locked than something that people have actually been sued over douse not stand a chance.
07:47:19 PM Jun 24th 2014
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Well, its back now! Celebrate!
11:40:59 PM May 18th 2011
When/why was the WWF redirect cut?
06:46:20 PM Feb 2nd 2012
08:32:09 AM Jul 19th 2010
Re. Nowinski vs. Steiner:

I didn't realize that even in 2003 a significant number of WWE fans were against the invasion. (Of Iraq; obviously an even greater number did not care for the InVasion. :p )While I missed the actual debate, I did see the interaction between the two earlier that month (in which Nowinski walked out and talked about how the U.S. should not be invading, and got booed, and then Steiner came out and beat the crap out of him, and got a big pop). I guess WWE could have been piping those sounds in, or it might have just been those particular fans in that particular venue. Still, it's encouraging to think that even back in 2003 a lot of people weren't taking GWB at his word about Iraq having WMD and his implications that Saddam Hussein was involved in 9/11 and all the other bullshit.
01:19:22 AM Jul 25th 2010
Er, so what? What does this exactly have to do with the page? Though about the issue, I have to say that a wrestling has the same percentage of liberals to conservatives as the united states, and the shows they put are usually in cities, and aren't cities more liberal than the rest of the united states?
03:25:24 AM Jul 25th 2010
It was in response to the Strawman Has a Point edits, which went from originally saying that a few years after the debate most Americans would agree with Nowinski, to saying that "...a significant majority of the fans even then agreed with Nowinski."

I wouldn't know about the difference between cities and rural areas, but I'd guess that it probably depends on the city.
06:53:45 AM Jul 8th 2010
Bring The Noise - Cut: —-

Anyone claiming Stunning Steve was a failure has a severe case of not knowing a damn thing about wrestling history. Austin was being pushed to the very top until Hogan came in.
08:33:33 AM Jul 19th 2010
So he was the Desmond Wolfe of WCW?
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