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05:54:43 PM Sep 18th 2014
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A recent edit says that "Hunter Hearst Helmsley" is Triple H's kayfabe real name, but he's been called "Paul," and in one instance "Paul Levesque," by three people on WWE television (Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and CM Punk).

So wouldn't "Hunter Hearst Helmsley" be more of a moniker, similarly to how Shawn Michaels' friends and family know his name is "Michael Hickenbottom," but they just called him "Shawn" (Michaels) as if it's his real name?
01:22:56 AM Sep 19th 2014
Wikipedia uses Paul Michael Levesque, for what it's worth.
08:02:48 PM Sep 19th 2014
Well, yeah, that's obviously his real name in reality, but there seems to be some disambiguation in kayfabe regarding his real name. I thought it was agreed amongst the IWC that "Hunter Hearst Helmsley" was a moniker (that he prefers), but "Paul Levesque" is his real name (especially since CM Punk's "Phil Brooks and Paul Levesque" line).
06:11:09 PM Jan 28th 2013
Love Triangle: Between his then-kayfabe wife Stephanie Mc Mahon and Kurt Angle in 2000. About the above, you're telling me ol HHH was romanced by Kurt Angle and Step and Step actually won!?!?! MAN WAT A SHOCKER!!!!!!!! Hes crazy for not choosing Kurt, with dat sexy bald head of his two Olympic gold medals which each of them can wear during intercourse how da hell did he lose???? He'd even perform well even if his neck was broken!! a rare trait not to be taking lightly.
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