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09:58:46 PM Jul 21st 2011
Is this page somehow excluded from the site guidelines? It seems to be a page devoted to nothing but "showing off how snide and sarcastic we can be" and being "a wiki for bashing things".

There are far worse products which do not receive this sort of attention, and it really makes for a pretty nasty and uninteresting page.
05:31:59 PM Oct 20th 2011
I agree. The main text in particular needs rewriting.
03:33:15 PM Sep 4th 2010
I wouldn't say Hardcore Justice counts as "So Bad, It's Horrible"

more like So Okay, It's Average at best, or So Boring Its Bad at worst
08:14:48 PM Sep 5th 2010
Well it certainly wasn't good, So Bad, It's Horrible is something that hurts the company and drives off fans, this is more of a slow death knell for TNA, bringing in more old dudes and old feuds that are worn out and done with, when you have hot new talent that's aching to get a chance to kick ass.
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