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06:49:01 AM Apr 2nd 2012
edited by MightyKombat
Okay we've GOT to fix the Crowner pages on this page because they keep talking about the BBC children's game show thing rather than the wrestler.

To elaborate: The page on the "wrestler" Raven still has links to the CMOA/H/F pages which talk about the BBC gameshow. I'm fairly certain the wrestler had some of his own moments. At the very least coudl we have seperate sections on them or something?
09:50:45 AM Jun 25th 2012
Agreed. This has been a source of much frustration for me and several others for some time. Plus, given that Raven has wrestled for longer (and still does) than the tv show ran for, it makes no sense that the show should have it's own sections and not include at least a subsection for the wrestler.
02:25:29 AM Jun 26th 2012
edited by MightyKombat

I'd welcome the idea of kid contestants having to deal with Mr. Nevermore in one episode of the gameshow though
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